In the Tunes&Tales project we investigate the variation of folk tunes and folk tales through oral transmission based on motifs. We suggest that there are different abstraction layers of meaningful units in music and language that act as vehicles of oral transmission.

From left to right: Folgert Karsdorp, Louis Grijp, Theo Meder, Peter van Kranenburg, Berit Janssen

The project is carried out at the Meertens Institute (Amsterdam) and investigates data of the Dutch Song Database (Nederlandse Liederenbank, especially the field recordings from the radio program “Onder de groene linde”) and the Dutch Folktale Database (Nederlandse Volksverhalenbank). The project started in 2011 and will last until 2016.

Project leaders: Louis Grijp, Theo Meder
Postdoctoral researcher: Peter van Kranenburg
PhD researchers: Folgert Karsdorp, Berit Janssen
Advisory board Tunes:
Henkjan Honing (University of Amsterdam)
Remco Veltkamp (University of Utrecht)
Frans Wiering (University of Utrecht)
Advisory board Tales:
Antal van den Bosch (University of Nijmegen)
Arjen P. Versloot (Fryske Academy)
Mariƫt Theune (University of Twente)
Franciska de Jong (University of Twente)

Tunes & Tales is part of the Computational Humanities programme of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science (KNAW).